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Bulletin Board



Name of the Congregation:- Franciscan Sisters Of St. Mary Of The Angels.
Date of Foundation:- 2nd August, 1871.
Place of Foundation:- Angers, France.
Rule:- Third Order Regular Of St. Francis Of Assisi.
Constitutions of the  Franciscan Sisters Of St. Mary Of The Angels.
Apostolate:- Education, Healing Ministry, Social & Pastoral work.




The Specific charism of our FSMA congregation is Adoration of the Eucharistic presence and missionary service to any part of the world to which one is sent i.e. to go as contemplators and missionaries carrying the redemptive love of the Eucharistic Lord to others; to go as Mary went to Elizabeth her cousin , in the spirit of love and service.





Formed by the Word to affirm communion, we, the Franciscan Sisters  of St. Mary of the Angels (FSMA) , are urged to live out our Charism- Eucharist-Mission, with renewed Awareness and Commitment.





In the Context of India , which is characterized by the effects of Globalization, advancing Technology, Terrorism, Marginalization of the weaker section, Ecological crisis etc. leading to the erosion of Values and a loss of the sense of the Sacred, we endeavour like Mary, Francis and Our Founders, to be in continuous Quest of God.
- Through a transformational formation, we discover and transcend the “EGO” self to the “TRUE” self, by mindful and choiceful living.
- To enhance the quality of our relationship, we affirm the giftedness and sacredness of everyone.
Our life in Union with God which is the essence of our call, overflows in service to:


  • a)Restore human dignity.
  • b)Liberate and transform unjust structures.
  • c)Empower Women and children.
  • d)Respect people of every culture and faith.
  • e)Discover the Wisdom of Nature and nurture it.